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2015 Season:

Michelle Chamuel isa singer, songwriter, producer and former contestant of The Voice.


As a producer she is known as Reverb Junkie and has released several albums as a solo artist.


Her latests albums were Face the Fire released in February 2015, and I AM was released this November 2015.


Chris Collingwood is a singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, vocalist, artist and founding member of the power pop band Fountains of Wayne.


Collingwood and partner Adam Schlesinger wrote Hey Julie, Radioation Vibe, and Stacy's Mom together.


He currently lives in Northampton, MA and will be releasing a new solo album in Spring of 2016.


fountains of wayne

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Sari started out as a performer in  dozens of indie films such as The Jonses, Alien Oppenent, and Rising Star. She became a producer at Counterfeit Cow Productions in 2011, where she has made her directorial debut with documentary 'Homeless in a College Town'. Sari founded the Women Only Project collaborative providing opportunities for female filmmakers in 2015. Sari is currently pursuing her master's degree at Quinnipiac University.


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Sully has been a film lover since Return of the Jedi, and went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting to be an entertainer. Sully is the host of The Sully Show in addition to his film work. Sully joins SaGaTalk Radio with his witty responses to our weekly Twitter Topics.

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Matt Heron Duranti is an Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, and owner of Counterfeit Cow Productions in Amherst, MA. He joins the show on Tuesdays for a segment called "Hollywood 60 Second Wrap-Up". The show focuses on Indie Artists as they pursue their art without BIG Hollywood help, but we can't ignore that it's there... So every week Matt dedicates 60 seconds to give us a rundown of trending topics in Hollywood!

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Wax Idiotical has been dubbed the "winningest team" by the creator of the 48HFP, notably having been invited to the "Best Of {City}" screenings for each film they've submitted, AND their recent film "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop" has been chosen to screen at Cannes Int. Film Festival.

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